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    Part of Win Tone Machinery Successful Grain Processing Cases
    No. Project Country
    01 150Ton/Day Soybean Cleaning Plant Henan, China
    02 200Ton/Day Millet Processing Plant Sichuan, China
    03 100Ton/Day Sunflower Seeds Dehulling and Separating Plant Shandong, China
    04 200Ton/Day Soybean Milling Plant Tianjin, China
    05 30Ton/Day Coarse Grain Silk Noodles Processing Line Hunan, China
    06 100Ton/Day Sesame Hulling Line Changchun, China
    07 50T/D Buckwheat Hulling Line Zhengzhou, China
    08 150T/D Mung Bean Cleaning and Milling Line Zhejiang, China
    09 100T/D Soybean Cleaning and Kernel Processing Line Liaoning, China
    10 50Ton/Day Buckwheat Processing Line Shanxi, China
    11 50Ton/Day Oat Flaking Line Iran
    12 200Ton/Day Soybean Fine Kernel and Flour Milling Line Nigeria
    13 30 Ton/Day Lentil Hulling and Kernel Processing Line Tanzania
    14 50Ton/Day Sesame Hulling Line Ethiopia
    15 400KG/Hour Oat Flaking Line Russia
    16 150Ton/Day Lentil Hulling Line Ethiopia
    17 50Ton/Day Soybean Grinding Line Uganda
    18 20Ton/Day Chickpea Flour Milling Plant Pakistan
    19 30Ton/Day Pea Peeling and Milling Line Iran
    20 100Ton/Day Soya Bean Processing Line South Africa
    21 50Ton/Day Lentil Flour Milling Plant Turkey
    22 10Ton/Day Black Soya Bean Processing Line South Korea
    23 50Ton/Day Navy Bean Peeling and Milling Line Cyprus
    24 20Ton/Day Small Red Bean Cleaning Line Indonesia
    25 100Ton/Day Mung Bean Peeling Line Thailand
    26 10Ton/Day Kidney Bean Flour Milling Plant Mexico
    27 10Ton/Day Broad Bean Peeling, Polishing and Milling Plant Tunisia
    28 30Ton/Day Sword Bean Peeling Line Tanzania
    29 200Ton/Day Buckwheat Hulling Line South Korea
    30 50Ton/Day Sorghum Grits Processing Line Sudan

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